Direct Response

Real-Time Marketing


Media Click is an advertising agency, which specializes in performance-based marketing with offices in Edmonton and Toronto. We build results-oriented digital strategies and continually refine campaigns for optimal outcome.

Develop results driven Internet marketing solution of the highest quality, adding real and measurable value for maximum return on investment.


Quality: We demand superior quality for all dedicated projects.

Speed: Direct response marketing can change within seconds, which is why we operate on a sense of urgency while maintaining upmost quality and precision.

Results: We are 100% results driven agency and are dedicated to providing the best possible return on investment.


Creative Innovation

The campaigns we design, the content we create, the digital online experiences we deliver and the websites we build are all parts of a systematic platform we designed for our ultimate goal of performance-based & direct response marketing.

Digital Leads Acquisition

We are focused on the paid media that drives the best quality leads and highest returns. We dip into a wide-range of online advertising options, all with a heavy ROI focus.

Data & Analytics

Our success is build from strong in-house data and analytics practices within our marketing and publishing teams — from streamlining data management to managing analytical insights that fuel organizational creativity and decision-making.

ROI: Beyond The Bottom Line

Media Click has worked on hundreds of websites and campaigns to increase conversion rates on home pages, landing lages, presale pages, and checkout processes with a unique methodology that cannot be found anywhere else. Considering the lifetime value of our leads we understand the value beyond measurable sales... that is simply not quantifiable.